About Us



Jack was my first rescued dog that inspired my company Ruff Life (rufflife.org).  He grew up on the beaches of Hilton Head, SC.

What people don't know is that he had a hot spot that would never go away.  When I moved to FL I met an Aloe Vera guru who helped me create my Aloe Vera cream called Ruff Spots.  It was my attempt at an all natural solutions for pets.



My little feisty Black Lab mix Bella was sort of dumped on our family for a weeks to access her and that was it!  She has given us lots of love and laughs with her little wiggle.  

She was placed in my life to find an all natural solution for a shampoo.  She is allergic to oatmeal and most Aloe Vera shampoo's on the market have oatmeal in them.  So I created Ruff It Up (rufflife.org) for her skin and it's one of my best sellers! 



My newest rescue Tucker or Tucker Henry when I need his attention is my newest addition to my family.  I didn't know that White Labradors are among the itchiest Labs you can find.  Although, my Aloe Vera Solutions work well on him, he needs help with food and treats.  Welcome to Woof Nutrition!